E-bike Shared bicycle overall solution

E-bike as a shared bike overall solution pioneer, developed a overall solution of APP systems + bicycle + intelligent lock + electronic fence.


E-bike APP function

Estronger developed a shared bike solution APP: E-bike, users can quickly scan the QR code through a smart phone
to unlock,navigate, search, pay and other functions, easy to use a shared bike.



Through the APP navigation function, locate the bicycle position, quickly find the nearest bicycle


Accurate pricing

E-bike APP can set the billing method by time, and can clearly see the Cycling time and mileage


Scan code / manual unlock

The bicycle is equipped with a qr code and bicycle NO., scanning the qr code or manually input bike NO. to unlock the bicycle


Stop, lock, check out

Park the bicycle in the designated parking position, lock it, and automatically count the bill, easy to return the bicycle

Estronger original operation and maintenance APP

The operation and maintenance terminal APP is unique in combination with the actual cycle operation experience.
It is specially designed for operators to manage bicycle operation and maintenance efficiently

Estronger unique operation and maintenance terminal APP, which provides operation and maintenance services for operators
It can dispatch and manage all kind of bikes through the operation and maintenance terminal APP
Quick look and solve the problem of faulty bikes
Check the location of operation person in real time and supervise operation process
Through the map navigation, check all nearby bikes and the accurate positioning

Independent research and development intelligent lock

The bluetooth intelligent lock, GPS intelligent lock, which is developed and produced independently, can be used to unlock through the APP

Accurate positioning
Disassembly design
Adapted to electronic fence usage
Super endurance

Independent research and development of electronic fence

Electronic fence as a new intelligent parking management system, through the transmission of a number of shared bike real data and Intelligent identification
provide a standard and planned parking system for different bikes.

Support a number of different shared bike parking usage
Distribute transmission data to each bicycle platforms
It is equipped with all the smart locks on the market
Integrated solar power supply system
Low power consumption, small radiation, free maintenance

Bike introduction

Through continuous improvement of bicycle performance, iterative upgrading, improving the quality of bicycle hardware, and putting in the market
we are committed to providing users with more cost-effective sharing bikes


Aluminium alloy pedal,
Rust proof

PU foamed inner tube,
Anti slip and anti pricking


bluetooth intelligent lock
unlock within 3 seconds

The anti-theft screw,
Anti disassembly design


Comfortable and adjustable
seat height

High carbon steel bicycle


Speed brake,
Safe and reliable


Integral center shaft,
Higher strength

Cooperation cases

At present, E-bike has provided the best quality sharing bike solutions for more than 30 regions both at home and abroad







User APP+
Operation APP
Visual background
management user data
and financial data
Provide systematic
operation plan
research and development
of electronic fence
with intelligent lock
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